7 Quick Take Friday


Snow. Ah, already. I’m sure every year this happens but I am never ready. Ever. No more heading to the park. No more nonchalant walks just because. No more escape to the outside when cabin fever sets in. That is, without having to take half an hour to bundle everyone up, and listening to a couple shrieks from whoever got dressed first and is now over-heating while waiting to get outside.


And speaking of snow, I may or may not have started my Christmas shopping. Not admitting to anything, but I may be trying to not do last minute stuff and actually have gifts ordered and delivered in time like the cutest little chef uniform for a certain godson. Just saying…


And again, speaking of snow, maybe now that we won’t be going outside I’ll actually get some reading done. I have been on the same book since the summer. Horrible. I got the whole Horatio Hornblower series and I am only on book one. STILL. These books should be able to be read in a day or two. Easy reading, and yet, I haven’t finish one.


Other books that I recently bought are real gems for any parent or teacher. How To Get Your Child To Love Reading by Esme Codell is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for good quality books to own or borrow. There are probably 3000 titles on pretty much any topic. On top of that, there are some good suggestions for activities to pair with these books. The other books are from a collection called BUSY BOOK by Trish Kuffner. Each has 365 activities, crafts and games to keep little ones entertained. Trust me, in the next months those will be well used.


Ok, I’m slightly ashamed to admit it but I have quitter envy. A friend of ours is quitting his job with Chuck’s company so he can move back home and get off the road. His wife is expecting their first child and does not want to live on the road. I’m beginning to get a little tired of the uncertainty surrounding our living circumstance and knowing that they will permanent be home makes me a little jealous. I am enjoying where we are and by no means regret my decision to stick together, but until I know what and where we are going to be in a few months, I will long for home.


This week a beautiful lady passed away. Chuck’s grandma went to meet her maker. It is bittersweet but thankfully more sweet than bitter. She was so ready. She was an exceptional woman with a strong will and an even stronger faith. We love you Grandma. Keep praying for us.


Welcome to the Year of Faith. I decided I would be proactive and signed up to receive snippets of the Catechism once a day for the year. The goal is to read it all and hopefully gain a better understanding of the faith. I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe. So far though, I have had to explain to a friend that this ‘new year’ is not Catholic New Years. My favourite part was explaining that Christmas is still on December 25th.

Thanks for reading my quick takes, now go and read the original here.  (I also hope to add a few pictures but for that I’m going to wait till I have more than an iPad.)


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