And, we’re back.

Ok. So Maybe this blogging business isn’t really my thing. I’m going to try one more time before I call it quits. I’ll be teaming up with my dear friend Amanda as we share our Lenten reflections, inspirations, successes and failures.  We will be using this opportunity to actually try to stay on target and hopefully grow our faith for once. It will be our walk through the wilderness. (And as you will see, Amanda and I are perfect for each other. We are both very active bloggers. Oh wait… right.)

As an update, we have moved again. (That’s right, I said it.) This makes move number 11 (I think) in less than 3.5 years. Yah. It was easy, stress-free and smooth.

Or not.

I may only have two children, but packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking with two is infinitely more work than with one. The three-year old wants to help. That goes a little something like this.

“What’s this?”

“A whisk. Can you put it in that box over there?”

“What does it do?”

“You use it to mix things when baking. Can you put it in the box?”

“Does it mix like this?”

“Yes. The box… over there.”

“Can you use it as a sword?”

“I guess so. BOX! PACK!”

“So I could do this?” (Proceeds to hit me in the legs.)

“Ok, give that to me. It’s going in the box.” (Puts it in the box.)

“Hey! I want to play with it?” (Goes and gets it as well as three other cooking utensils so he can have lots of swords.)


Then with the other one, my little floor dweller, it goes a little something like this.

He crawls through my legs.

I move to pack another box.

He cries a little and follows.

I start putting things in the new box.

He climbs in.

I pull him out.

He cries.

I strap him in his booster chair with some bread.

He eats, then he shrieks for his hands to get wiped.

I wipe his hands and smell a dirty deed.

I clean this dirty deed and realize he really, really needs a bath.

I run a bath. (Three year old enters.)

Get them both dressed again.

What was I going?

Where was I with packing?

Might as well start somewhere else.

And rinse and repeat.

Thankfully with unpacking I had a wonderful friend come by with her kids to keep mine occupied. We are now back to normal and enjoying the new place, the yard and the space.

Finally a nice day to get outside.

Finally a nice day to get outside.

Debating whether to jump down into the hole.

Yup. That’s our mould of snow.


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