7 quick take Friday


We have finally established ourselves at our new place. The boys love it here. Andrew especially loves his new room with all the Thomas and Friends wall decals and a bunch of cool car posters. Plus the fact that we have a yard to play in makes this place great. Andrew will pile together our boots, coats, hats and mittens at the front door and announce, “We are ready to go throw snowballs and make snow angels together!”

Finally a nice day to get outside.

Finally a nice day to get outside.


We had a crazy time at the beginning of the week. Everything seemed to go wrong and then to top it off our car got towed from out in front of our place. Thank you street maintenance crew who didn’t put any signs on our street. We will be fighting that ticket.


I finally joined the real world and got my licence. Yeah. I know. Two kids and not able to drive was tough. I had to get over my fear so that I could stop going crazy around the house and feeling like my husband was my chaperone to go grocery shopping… Ten years late, but better late than never right?


Our place is dance party central now that we have our internet connection up and running. Andrew loves it and Charles thinks we are crazy. Our favourite stations? ABC Beatles (Andrew thinks it’s hilarious) and addicted to radio (as they say – Everything from AC/DC to ZZtop so we really are covered.)



St. Valentine’s Day was fun. Andrew got a kinder-surprise. It had a stamp as the prize. Just what we needed around here… Everything including my forehead has been stamped with “Hola.” Plus, they got a “Go, train, Go!” Book to share. The boys also go super cute Valentines in the mail from Grandmaman and Opa. Andrew was pumped.




And speaking of books, I am patiently waiting our first arrival of the Imagination Library books for both of them. It was the first thing I set up when we moved it. (Can you tell I was excited?) Now that we finally have a mailbox we can receive our books!


So the Pope is retiring. Crazy. When I think back to John Paul II and seeing as his death was pretty eminent, I remember thinking, “too bad he won’t be around much longer. I can’t imagine having anyone as well spoken and inspired as he was.” Then Cardinal Ratzinger succeeded him and I was so wrong. His wisdom was truly awe-inspiring. His teachings and writings were beautiful. I hope it continues with the new Pope who should be here at Easter. It is also pretty interesting to think that we are going through Lent (a time of prayer, fasting, solitude) without a Pope and it all seems so fitting.

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