When Dad’s away the kids will…

Run rampant in their grumpy pants! 


Somehow, even though there is no comprehension of time, they both know when Dad is late coming home. The day could be going great, then 730 rolls around and the grumpies make their appearance. Baby Charles begins to whine and whimper for cuddles since he is missing his Dad time, while Andrew is sent to the corner for the third time in 15 minutes. When the phone rings at 7, I unintentionally cringe since I know that the news is more than likely a meeting went late, a bid needs closing or traffic is horrendous. 

Things I need to remember for next time:

1. Don’t let them see that ‘cringe’. And,

2. Stay cheery and understanding. I’m not the only one who needs ‘Dad time’. After 12 hours with just me, I’d be cranky too.

However, they were in bed in record time the other day while Dad was gone. Clearly all the mom evading that was going on tired them out. It turned out to be a nice evening on the couch with a delicious rum and coke and an episode of Sliders with my man. 


Country Roads

I have seen many country roads.

When I feel particularly tired, they all start to look the same. Sometimes I feel as if they lead nowhere and I loose sight of the beauty that surrounds them. The other day, as we drove “home”, I caught a few glimpses of the summer turning into fall and remembered how beautiful this change is. I had met a lovely couple from Florida on our cruise who had been in New York and they told me how they missed the seasons, so I wanted to capture the moment for them. What I didn’t realize at the time was, I was capturing it for myself. I started to see how these roads don’t lead to nowhere, they lead to home. Wherever we go as a family, as long as we are together, we will be home.

My intro

I spend so much time with children and so little time with adults I sometimes feel like I simply go through mundane mothering motions. With moving so much I feel out of touch with friends and I find it somewhat hard to make new ones when I know another move could be around the corner. I’m not sure if writing is something I want to do but I feel that I need to do something creative. I need to do something for me and writing is probably the best way for me to be honest with myself. Sometimes I just need a little reminder that even the everyday same old – same old can actually be interesting and meaningful. Plus, I guess when you are never in one place for very long there isn’t much that stays the same before something new comes along.